Lean | Financially Independent | Retire Early


  • FI: Financial Independence; your passive income is enough to sustain you; typically one's FI number is considered to be 25x annual retirement burn rate (

  • RE: Retire Early...this is self explanatory


  • LeanFI: Annual Retirement Expenses < $40k; the upper "limit" of lean FI numbers is $1mm

  • RegularFI: $40k < Annual Retirement Expenses < $100k; FI numbers ranging from $1mm to $2.5mm

  • FatFI: $100K < Annual Retirement Expenses; FI numbers greater than $2.5mm

  • BaristaFI: Semi-retirement; save enough money to cover *most* expenses, but work part time to cover the rest

  • CoastFI: Net worth is expected to grow enough to reach your FI number without saving anymore; current expenses will be covered by your income

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